Picture Credit: Penmen Athletics

On November 6th, the Penmen volleyball season came to an end, after losing a heavily competitive 3-0 quarterfinal in the NE10 Championship at Southern Connecticut University. This was the first time the Penmen Volleyball team have competed in the postseason since 2015, and proves how far the Volleyball program has come since a 7-21 season in 2016.

The season began on August 2th when they were shut out 3-0 at Shepard College. They wouldn’t earn their first win until they next day when they beat Saint Anselm. After this win, the Penmen would go on to the first of two stretches of losses. They lost five in a row between September seventh and fifteenth and lost seven out of their first eight games. This brought back memories of the 2016 season.

However, the Penmen would quickly bounce back, winning seven of their next eight games. On October 13, the Penmen faced off in the heavily favored Pace University after a crushing loss to Adelphi the previous night. They lost the first two sets and Pace outmatched the Penmen in every category. However, the Penmen would complete a miraculous comeback, winning the next three sets to complete the upset. Their win was their first victory over Pace in two years.

Things were looking up for the Penmen, however early struggles came back to haunt them. They would lose five out of the last seven regular season games. Their final loss was to Southern Connecticut in the quarterfinals of the Northeast 10 championship. This was their first appearance in the championship in three years.

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