Image Credit: Stefan Karlberg

RA Applications were released this past November, and the Office of Residence Life is expecting its most competitive pool ever. Applications consist of four short answer questions and require a reference. They are open until January 15 and all current students are qualified to apply for the 2019-2020 school year.

At a panel in Tuckerman Hall, three Resident Assistants (RAs) and the Residence Director (RDs), Grant Hock, got together and presented to students who are interested in the position. The job consists of multiple training sessions before each semester. In addition, RAs are expected to give 10-20 hours a week to the position. The panel made sure to emphasize that this policy, while important, can mean many things. RAs are expected to build community first and foremost. A good RA talks to all their residents and is a resource for them should they need it.

According to the panel, the RA position is a big responsibility. In addition to time on the job, RAs are also required to make posters and door tags for their residents. They have to plan community conversations and create an accommodating and safe environment in their hallways. It’s a big task to uphold, but they are compensated very fairly for the work they do.

The panel also mentioned that RAs should be in the position for the experience they get. Despite the reduced price for room and board, among other benefits, the most important thing in an applicant is a desire to build community and help their residents. RAs do not need to be extroverts. Introverts are successful in the position as long as they are a good resource and are open to their residents.

It is important to have a big pool of applicants for the next school year, so people who want to build community, be a helpful resource and want added responsibility are urged to apply for next year.

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