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The Women’s Soccer Team had their 2018 quest to be crowned Northeast 10 Conference Champions for the second year in a row snatched by Assumption College on November 2 at Penmen Stadium. The Penmen suffered a crushing defeat, 2-0, ending their chances of victory.

The Penmen finished the season with a 14-4-3 record and a .738 winning percentage. They scored a total of 42 goals, averaging two goals per game. Their conference record was 10-2-2.

Freshman Dorthea Glorud (‘22) who scored six goals and made seven assists across her first season with the Penmen explained that she felt the team has an abundance of talented players, but could have done much better in their game against Assumption.

I think the we played an under-average game against Assumption, where we didn’t succeed in the defensive or the offensive play,” said Glorud. “We produced many chances, but didn’t finish them.”

She commended her teammate Ariana Silvia (‘19) for her consistency saying she “played a good game as usual” and that “she always works really hard, including this game.”

Glorud also explained that the team came second in the conference overall, and while it was a disappointment that they did not come in first, she felt they still had a “good performance” throughout their season.

“The games in this conference are all tough and evenly played, so we have to be at our sharpest in order to win. Against assumption, we were not, and that’s something that happens to all teams,” said Glorud. “We will continue to work hard and hopefully, we will win the conference next season.”

Head Coach Elie Monteiro also commended the team for their hard work this season. He felt that the team as a whole did well in integrating their new players due to the “strong leadership” on the team.

“We placed expectations to be the best version of ourselves every day. We understood that this was a different team to last year so we had a new set of goals to work for. So the only pressure was our desire to get better everyday,” said Monteiro.

Monteiro agreed with Glorud’s statements about the team’s performance in the game against Assumption saying that the team created many chances for themselves and it “was among the best performances we’ve put together in attack this season,” but the team wasn’t “able to capitalize on those chances we created.”

Monteiro explained that even with the losses that the team has suffered which cut their season short, he has hope for next year.

“We’ have some talented players coming in next year who will add a lot to the team. We’ll need to take the experiences from this season (good and bad) and use that as fuel during the growing season (winter/spring semester) workouts,” said Monteiro.

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