Deanna Cardoza – Manchester Animal Shelter

There are currently off-campus work-study opportunities for SNHU students that still need to be filled. Students can receive $9.25/hour while gaining experience working with non-profit organizations gaining real-world experience and the opportunity to give back to the local community.

The opportunities are endless. Whether students are interested in gaining experience working with kids, in an office, graphic design, or even working with animals there are jobs available that will provide those experiences. For instance, there is an opportunity with the International Institute of New England as a Refugee and Immigrant Program Associate. This position will provide leadership, communication, and time management skills through working closely with managers and clients, the coordination of transportation of clients to medical appointments and so much more.

Another opportunity for students is the Merrimack Valley Assistance Program Office Coordinator position. This will provide students with communication skills, both written and verbal, along with time management and organizational skills. The coordinator will be responsible for scheduling appointments for clients, connecting with clients and administrative tasks as well.

The work-study positions have provided previous students with invaluable experiences and opportunities that would otherwise not have been available. Mary Young, the Federal Work-Study Coordinator, said, “Students in the off-campus program have indicated that their positions have contributed to obtaining skills that future employers are looking for including critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. In addition, they feel a great sense of pride knowing they have made a difference in the local community. Many lifelong relationships have been formed between supervisors at our off-campus organizations and SNHU students.”

Other positions available include Easter Seals Teaching Assistant, Granite YMCA Group Leader, Salvation Army Kid’s Café Assistant, Hillside Middle School Web Designer, and many more.

To be eligible for these opportunities students must have been awarded federal work-study through a financial aid award package and have their own transportation to and from the facilities. To learn more about the opportunities available like SNHU Work-Study on Facebook or email Students can apply for a position today at

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