Webster Hall, the home to the School of Business, is situated far from the other buildings on at SNHU. Its location for many is a little inconvenient and require as much as ten extra minutes to get to from another hall.

There are two different ways to get there. One way is going down a steep hill through the Rockingham townhouse, down flights of stairs, then ending up at Webster. The other way is to go all the way down North River Road on a tiny sidewalk and then cross the street to Webster.

After class, it’s a chore to walk all the way back up going either way. Students get exhausted when they enter the classroom, realizing that they must take the same trip back up and feeling even more tired. For some students, driving down to Webster is a convenient way to stop walking there and back. But for those who don’t have a vehicle on campus, is it worth to ask their friends to get a ride to Webster whenever they have class?

In the winter time, it’s dangerous to walk down because of the ice. Sometimes, there is no salt covering up the stairs or walkways. What if someone falls because of slip hazards? The risks are too much for students to walk down to Webster when it’s icy outside.

Even though there is the benefit to getting exercise, students will be huffing and puffing all the way up the hill. Conversations have to pause. Those conversations about class become forgotten as students make the trek. Shins burn. Asthma acts up. I’d rather get my exercise in the gym. Some students aren’t prepared, heaving with no water in sight. Once they get past the townhouses, the walk becomes more gentle, but until then, it’s more pain than it is exercise.

The walk is especially exhausting when students have most of their classes at Webster. It must be tiring.

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