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Stop making excuses. You need to vote.

On November 6, the country will be lining up at the voting booth to make their voices heard in the midterm elections. These elections may not be as glamorous as the presidential elections, and as a result they’re a little harder too.

Harder because it’s more work to learn about the candidates. We get it. There are representatives, senators and governors, and with jobs and schoolwork, it’s hard to find the time to research all of these politicians and their stances.

But as a American citizen, it’s your right to vote and as a college-educated one, it’s your duty to care. These are the people who will be making choices on issues that affect you.

University College President Patty Lynott recently sent a message to SNHU students about the measures taken by the university to ensure students can fill out their ballots.

“It is a foundational element of our democracy,” said Lynott.

At this point, I’m sure every other person has told you. Facebook is telling you to set a reminder. Snapchat is placing polling locations on their map. Uber is even giving free rides to the polls.

For SNHU students, CCEL will be giving rides to the polls all day. Voters can then come to the Women’s Center for a Voting After Party sponsored by us with the above offices.

OUT OF STATERS, YOU CAN VOTE TOO. SNHU has ensured town clerks in Manchester and Hooksett have a proof of domicile for each student on file. According to CCEL, if you are already registered in your home state, but have decided that you would like to vote in Hooksett or Manchester instead, you can do so. You just cannot vote in two different locations. To register, one needs to produce two forms of identification such as a driver’s license, unexpired U.S. passport or a social security card.

Residents in Newcastle, Spaulding, and most of Kingston will be voting in Manchester at Webster School. The rest of Kingston (Rooms 143-147, 253-264, 353-364, 453-464, 553-564) and the rest of campus can vote in Hooksett at Cawley Middle School.

The Penmen Press will be at the ready to help with voting questions or concerns from now through voting at PenmenPress@snhu.edu, or at our social media channels.

Make the time to make your voice heard this Tuesday.

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