Whenever you set foot into the Student Center here on campus, you can hear music being played over the speakers. It is nice to have this as some background noise when doing work or eating breakfast before your first class can be soothing. But if you spend any long periods of time in there you will realize just how mind-numbingly horrible the playlist they often play is.

The playlist or radio station they play is very limited and often times doesn’t offer much variety. The songs that are usually played consist of popular songs that have either just become popular or have been popular for a decent amount of time. The biggest culprit is Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes”.

The amount of times this song has been played over the speakers is uncountable. Spending even a mere hour in the Student Center you will almost certainly result in hearing this song at least once. The song itself is quite good, as is most of Panic! At the Disco’s music, but it’s almost as if they want you to despise it.

The idea of playing popular music over the speakers to draw in students is completely understandable, but there is a certain point of overplaying that is enough to drive anyone insane.

There really needs to be more of a variety of songs played throughout the Student Center though as anyone who spends most of their time in there will likely go mad as a result of the repetition. They should consider having multiple playlists with popular songs, classic hits and perhaps even throw in some rap and rock and roll.

The more variety, the better, as everyone will at one point be happy with the song choice. Instead of force feeding “High Hopes” to everyone on an hourly basis, people can get more familiar with different genres of music and maybe even discover songs they never knew about or haven’t heard in years.

So whoever is in charge of music in the Student Center should make a couple of playlists of different songs from different genres and switch them around either daily or every couple of hours. This will allow for more enjoyable songs to be heard and will encourage the growth and development of everyone’s musical library. Let “High Hopes” die out, and don’t ruin anymore great songs by repeatedly jamming them into our ear canals.

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