Looking to get that syllabus printed at the start of the year, or wondering if you’ll need to spend additional money on a printer to print papers later in the semester?

Don’t worry, SNHU has multiple printers readily available and everyone has access to them, whether you’re a full-time student living on campus or a commuter.

At the start of each semester, all students are allocated $50 of print money that they can use to cover the cost of printing. This includes all standard print options such as black & white, color and double-sided.

The five locations around campus in which you can print at are: the computer lab on the first floor of Robert Frost, the second floor of the Academic Center, a classroom on the second floor of the Hospitality Center, the computer lab on the first floor of Webster and on the first floor of the Shapiro Library.

Prior to printing though, you must submit your document(s) at the following link: “https://penmenprint.snhu.edu/app.” Then, all you need to do is go to one of the locations and swipe your SNHU ID at the printer to access the files you submitted.

Aside from the standard printing options, SNHU also offers specialty printing at the Maker Space on the first floor of the Library. This includes large scale printing such as posters and banners, which, depending on the class, may be required for certain assignments. These are printed on a heavier weight paper and with a special gloss coating. In addition to the specialty printing offered at the Maker Space, SNHU also provides a 3D printing and engraving lab in which you can meet with one of the lab assistants to learn more about.

In conclusion, printing is hassle-free at SNHU.

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