Welcome Back all! As September returns, we’re happy to see the campus filling up once again, and as always, we like to be the first to welcome students, staff and faculty alike. We know the summer has passed far too quickly, but we hope you’re ready for the semester.

At the Penmen Press, it hasn’t felt like much of a break.

You may notice that our Welcome Back issue is missing some of its signature content – the club and organization descriptions and a handful of missing How-to-SNHUs.

Our staff spent the beginning part of the summer working tirelessly to introduce our Orientation Issue. Every incoming freshmen that attended an orientation session this summer received a special issue of the Penmen Press that was filled with all the community knowledge they could need.

We were so pleased by the responses from our community’s clubs and organizations that made the Orientation Issue as successful as it was. And as always, we are always so impressed by our staff’s dedication to telling SNHU’s story by providing ample How-to-SNHU articles.

If you’re missing that content though, fret not. We’ll also be providing a special Involvement Fair Issue that will be similar to the Orientation Issue. We’ll be including additional clubs, organizations and How-to-SNHU articles. So, stop on by the green space (or the Athletic Complex in case of rain) on September 12th from 1-3 p.m.

We are so looking forward to this year. Despite ending last year with multiple awards, such as the Scott W. Caswell Outstanding Student Organization award and the Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger Vision for Change award, we are not slowing down for a second. Our community’s support has meant the world to us and we are more inspired than ever to tell SNHU’s story.

Our first year with Penmenpress.com was more successful than we could have hoped for. It allowed us to deliver frequent, timely and quality content to our community with three articles a day. Our staff defied our expectations. We are rededicating ourselves more than ever to quality news and storytelling by bringing in local partnerships through ads, charity and workshops as well as using our SNHU community resources to develop our members and further their career goals.

This year is going to be better than ever, and we hope you’ll join us in our new location, ACC 106 on Wednesdays 2-3:15 p.m.

Thanks again, and welcome back!

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