Are you someone who loves crafting things you find on Etsy?  Are you someone who loves the idea of crafting and making things, but has no idea what they’re doing? Are you somewhere in between? Well I have the show for you, “Making It!”

“Making It” is a new reality competition with hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman (former co-stars on the hit comedy Parks and Recreation). The two titular actors are very excited to guide the contestants though this feel good reality show.

Several makers from across the country compete in making projects each episode. They compete for patches to wear with pride over their achievements. During each episode there is first a fast craft where the contestants have 3 hours to craft a themed project. Then there is the “master craft,” which is a set of two big crafts off the theme. The winner of each craft contest (Judged by Dayna Isom Johnson, an Etsy trend expert, and Simon Doonan a Creative ambassador for Barneys NY) will gain a patch.

Although, like many reality shows, someone will get eliminated each week, there is no drama or ill will toward each other. The contestants continually support each other on their journey to earn the title of “Master Maker” and $100,000. The contests come from all walks of life and bond over their hobbies, which have become a huge part of their lives.

Amy and Nick keep the show lively with their own cutaway segments, puns and gags. The two have a great friendship and on-screen chemistry that truly makes them perfect to host this feel good, wholesome fest of a show. Because at the end of the day, Making It! is about not only making people happy, but also making them want to try their hand at crafting and forge some amazing memories.

The show airs Tuesday nights at 10pm EST on NBC, it can also be streamed through Hulu and NBCs website, and has been renewed for a second season. Make this your new favorite feel-good show.

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