Washington Hall’s parking lot prior to demolition. (Image credit: Emma Sheehan)

For students bringing cars to campus in the fall, it is important to understand SNHU’s parking system. Parking at SNHU is essentially just a three-step process: buying a parking permit, figuring out where you are allowed to park and parking in a legal spot.

First, to park on campus, it is necessary to buy a parking permit. These can be purchased through the permit website on the mySNHU student portal for $200. Once logged into mySNHU, click on the Offices tab at the top of the screen, and then scroll down to Public Safety.

From here, students can create their SNHU parking account. After entering your last name and student ID number, the option to purchase the permit will become available. Make sure that the pass corresponds to the side of campus of your dorm: W for west side, E for east side or east side freshman, M for Monadnock or Monadnock freshman or F for west side freshman. Alternatively, students living off campus will purchase a C (commuter) pass. If the correct option does not appear, call Public Safety to be preapproved for the right permit before making the purchase.

Once you have bought the parking permit, knowing where to park around campus is simple. All of the parking lots are designated with the letter – E, M, W or C – of parking passes allowed to park in the lot. For example, parking lot 26-C is for commuters. Freshman resident students can also park in any W or E labeled parking lots depending on what side of campus they live on.

Securing a good parking spot is a matter of strategy. As a commuter, making an effort to leave home early is essential. For resident students, it is more of a matter of luck, and knowing when people will be coming and going from campus.

Parking in illegal spots can result in receiving tickets for $15, getting a boot on your car or even being towed. If a student parks anywhere other than an actual spot (anywhere that is not between two white/yellow lines), it is considered being in a fire lane and will hold them liable for enhanced fines. Make sure to park in a lot corresponding to the letter on your parking pass to avoid these potential charges.

For more information about parking on campus, or if there are any concerns, call SNHU’s Public Safety office at 603-645-9700 – they are open 24/7.

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