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From the SNHU culinary program to one of the most well-known cooking competitions in the country, Nick Peters Bond has transcended expectations by appearing on “Hell’s Kitchen,” an acclaimed competition series that airs on FOX. After the completion of his first season in 2014, he was asked to return to the show for season 17, also known as the All-Star season.

Bond attended SNHU from 2006 to 2010 as a culinary management major. During his time at the university, Bond learned all of the basic skills that readied him for his future career in the restaurant industry. “I think that it prepared me for the real world especially because I got my first line cook job right out of college and I became a sous chef shortly after that in a restaurant in Cambridge. It was pretty quick from me graduating to me getting my first adult job,” said Bond.

Bond’s original “dream school” from an early age was Johnson and Wales, a college well-known for its culinary arts program. He decided to attend SNHU because, “It was a lot smaller [and] it was more intimate. I loved the campus and it was really pretty. It just had a different vibe than Johnson & Wales did.” In contrast to other, larger universities, Bond valued the small and personable classroom environment and tight-knit community at SNHU.

Since the All-Star season was his second time on the show, Bond felt more confident going into the competition having experienced the chaos that is “Hell’s Kitchen.” “The first time I didn’t watch the show in detail, which I thought was a good thing, but I really think it hurt me because I really had no idea what to expect,” said Bond. This lack of familiarity from the first season was converted to self-assurance and a newfound willingness to relax and enjoy himself during his second season.

When asked if he would change how he performed in the competition, he replied, “The first time I was on it I would have changed a lot of stuff that I did with dishes and the way I acted and just the way I kind of let my nerves get the best of me.” Bond’s attitude shifted during his second season stating that, “this time, I just didn’t feel those nerves and I stand behind all my dishes on the show, especially my finale menu.”

Many “Hell’s Kitchen” viewers felt that the handling of the finale was controversial. Bond, being in the heat of the competition, felt strongly opinionated toward the speed in which Gordon Ramsay and the producers moved from his elimination into the final challenge. “It was weird how it went down. I even heard some behind the scenes chatter that the other people were thinking it was weird and they were kind of confused as to what happened… it was strange, there was no send off because they had to keep going with the finale… I don’t think they played it out really well,” said Bond.

Although Bond was frustrated with how the finale was carried out, he is now thriving with his new catering business, Kitchen to Aisle. This new project that he co-founded first came to light in November of 2017, making it his first business venture. “We’re doing it all and I don’t want to say no to anything yet because we’re so new,” said Bond. “I’m really excited to see where that goes and hopefully it will take off.”

Bond has gained valuable insight into the industry that stems from years of working in professional kitchens. He expressed the benefit of advocating for yourself, which he had done right after graduating from the culinary program. Bond said, “No one is going to do you any favors, especially in this industry. Don’t wait for promotions… you really have to go out and do it yourself.”

Nick Peter Bond’s Menu during Finals Week on Hell’s Kitchen Image Credit: Anna Laugelle


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