The cast of “Punk Rock.” (image credit: Jaelle Matthieu)

TRIGGER WARNING: This show deals with topics of gun violence, bullying and contains explicit language.

SNHU Drama will be presenting “Punk Rock” as their spring theater production on April 6 and April 7 at 7 p.m. in Walker Auditorium.

“Punk Rock” by Simon Stephans is centered around a group of British high schoolers who are preparing for their A-Level exams. With unfortunate circumstances combined with intense language and light-hearted moments, Stephan’s play serves as a realistic portrayal inspired by his experiences as a high school teacher.

“I feel bad, and you will realize why later, but I am excited of presenting scene six,” says Darren Deklerk (’19), who plays the main role of William Carlisle, a character described as “complicated” and “vulnerable.”

“This particular scene of the play is a very, very huge turning point and it gets into the whole part of the play where it is socially relevant to today’s America. I think that would be a very hard-hitting thing that I really want to perform well.”

The “Punk Rock” cast list includes Deklerk, Rachel Dembek (’19), Jamie Griffin (’19), Reagan Murphy (’19), Justin Molander (’19), Brittany Berg (’18), Sean Keegan (’18), Alicia Speranza (’19) and Marcus Blodgett (’18). SNHU Drama’s adaptation of “Punk Rock” is directed by Samantha Fraser, featuring music from Social Ghost and an after-play discussion by Kayla Page.

“With Punk Rock, you see a lot of representation of teen angst, of how sexual frustration among other things manifest in the form of jealousy and posturing that leads to violent behavior later on,” said Keagan, who plays the role of Chadwick Meade.

SNHU Drama club welcomes everyone to attend their spring production of “Punk Rock” in the hopes of their adaptation serving as a trigger to discuss serious topics that effect our society today.

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