From left to right: RadioSNHU Music Director David Maxim (’21), Promotions Director Joe Licciardello (’20) and President Harry Ames (’20) producing their Wednesday night segment “Late Night Mosh.” (image credit: Rebecca LeBoeuf)

This article was originally posted in the SNHU Observer (Volume V, Issue 6) on February 24, 1999:

As New Hampshire College steps into the twenty-first century one of its goals is to become a full-fledged university. There are many facets of becoming a university that the school has concerned itself with; however, there are still a few things the school needs that it has yet to address. Everyone knows that while a radio station is not required to move to university status, it is one of those things that makes the difference between a mediocre university and a great university.

Sophomore, Ben Pierce, and faculty advisor, Dave Dillman, have spearheaded this issue together in the hopes that New Hampshire College will finally have a radio station by the end of the 1999 calendar year. On Tuesday, February 9 in the AV Studio this issue was addressed when the New Hampshire College Radio Club held its first meeting.

Ben and Dave decided to take this problem on in early January and it is now starting to unfold. Approximately 25 students, representing every grade and major here at NHC, were on hand with hopes of fulfilling some of the various positions that the Radio Club will have to offer. They were interested not only in becoming DJ’s, but also filling spots like programming director, head of marketing and sales and financial advisors.

The format for the new radio station will mimic that of Babson College in Boston. It will be an Internet based radio station that can be accessed by going to our soon-to-be radio Web page and clicking on the “radio” icon. It will be a live broadcast that can be heard all over the world be our many campuses and alumni. The only system requirements are that each student has a computer, access to the Internet and speakers.

While the Radio Club is still looking for new members, it has gone ahead and formed committees to start tackling some of the tough tasks that lie ahead. A budget committee was formed to organize a budget before the SGA February 26 deadline. They estimate it will cost approximately $35,000.00 dollars to get the station up and running.

This includes space for the offices and DJ booths, computer equipment, DJ equipment and CD’s, and most importantly, the software for the station.

The Radio Club is planning a trip to Babson College to observe how its station runs and ask advice about setting up the NHC station. If all goes well, the station could be up and running by the fall of ’99. The Radio Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. If you are interested you can come to one of the meetings or contact Ben at RadioNHC@hotmail. Whether you join because you think it would look good on your resume, the new radio station could use your help.

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