The Comedy Night cast. (image credit: James Griffin)

The drama club will be hosting Comedy Night on March 23 at 7 p.m. in Walker Auditorium. The show is going to present something similar to a Saturday Night Live performance.

Richie Oliver (’18) will be hosting and will also be performing as a stand-up comic throughout the night and will be participating in skits. The people acting in the skits wrote them themselves. The short film, Musical Masochist by Alex Weber, will also be shown.

Reagan Murphy (’19), the director of the show, said, “I wanted to start something this campus hasn’t seen before and give students another way to be creative and make people laugh.”

SNHU’s own local band Social Ghost will be performing and playing music throughout the show.

Murphy also stated, “It’s been really fun getting other students involved to show their work as well.”

Comedy night gives students the chance to express their talents and skills on a stage in front of an audience. Each semester, SNHU gets more and more students involved in shows.

“Each week we have been getting together and brainstorming ideas that we think are funny then putting them together,” Murphy said.

This is a great place for the performers to show their creativity. There will be a very diverse amount of talent being displayed during at the show in the forms of stand-up, music, skit and film.

The performers are all students, including, but not limited to, Joe Reiss, Josh Warshauer, Sean Keegan, Andrew Frenette, Acacia McDowell, Justin Mercer, Ricky Pulisciano and Skylar Potter.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy this event. The drama club is very excited to put on this show. Compared to the large play put on last year, drama club has had a few events like this one to allow eager performers to get up on stage.


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