Last night, to a packed house playing Big Money Bingo, the Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE) announced that their annual Spring event, SNHUStock, would be taking on a whole new look this year.

“It’s going to be very different than anything you’ve ever seen before,” Event Coordinator and CAPE Executive Board member Shannon Conway (’18) said moments before the reveal took place.

CAPE and ACES, cosponsor for SNHUStock, announced the decision to focus on the student experience at this year’s SNHUStock, and to accomplish this, the organizations have hired the production company GrooveBoston to hold the event. They have performed shows across the northeast at colleges such as Plymouth State University, Boston College and the University of New Jersey, to name a few.

According to GrooveBoston’s website, “The experience is a fine-tuned version of what you’d get at a full-scale superclub, or the closing set at an EDM festival. We tend to keep it relatively up-tempo once we get things going, and we bring in a lot of AWESOME remixes. You’ll hear everything from aggressive EDM to top-of-your-lungs singalongs, all fused together for a hand-crafted, face-rocking experience.”

“In the past, we’ve seen SNHUStock be really great,” Conway said,“but we saw a lot of potential this year coming off of the Fetty Wap train. We decided to go a different route this year. We decided to go with an EDM feel and more of a party feel.”

A major change coming with this new mission is that this year’s SNHUStock will begin at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 21 on the Green Space.

Many students’ favorite elements from past SNHUStocks will be returning, however. The show will still be absolutely free. CAPE and ACES will also be bringing food trucks to campus for the event and provide students with vouchers for food.

Students were at first confused by the announcement, expecting an artist to be announced, but after the explanation of SNHUStock’s new focus, many students were excited about the changes.  

DJ Maxim (‘21) said, “I think it’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like an outdoor rave situation. It sort of gives everyone an opportunity to come together and have a good time outside.”

“It’s a great partnership [with GrooveBoston],” Conway said.“Our attendance hopes right now are around 500 people, but we have a sound system that can reach more than 3,000 people.”

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