SNHU and the School of Business have teamed up once again to create a week long, 3 credit business course named Innovative Business Approaches (OL 308). It has been planned out by Dr. Lowell C. Matthews with the help of student Jessica Massey, who brought this course to life.

“OL 308 Innovative Business Approaches is going into its fourth year,” said Dr. Matthews. “SNHU and the School of Business continuously look for ways to give students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world situations.”

Students who get a chance to take this opportunity will spend a week in Philadelphia and will also work with six major companies. The companies include AmerisourceBergen, Comcast, Campbell’s Soup, La Colombe, Union Packaging Company and QVC.

This course helps students learn how to tie in innovative business approaches with social responsibilities. With the support of the Center for Community Engaged Learning, this course gives students the opportunity to work with the local community on a service learning project during their week in Philadelphia.

When asked what students should expect for the week, Dr. Matthews said, “The week is extremely packed with a variety of activities. Meetings with the six companies, a community service project, team building activities, group reflections, and a networking dinner with area College of Online and Continuing Education (COCE) students and SNHU alum. Students will not have time to be bored.”

Although this is a business course it is open to anyone of any major. There are no prerequisites for the course but interested students are expected to attend an informational session and go through an interview process in order to apply.

Selected students are also expected, prior to the trip, to conduct research on the six companies and study the triple bottom line.

“The course is research and writing intensive. It also requires students to think critically, analyze data, present publicly, work in teams, and network with business professionals,” Dr. Matthews elaborated. “These skills are transferable to all students regardless of their major.”

When discussing his favorite part of the whole experience, Matthews explained more about the first day at the airport, “You sense their nervousness of having to meet everyone for the first time and not knowing what lies ahead.”

“I am always amazed at how their confidence grows in only one week. They return back to Manchester with a deeper understanding of themselves and the impact they can personally have in the world. Truly a priceless opportunity!” said Matthews.

Dr. Matthews is very proud of this course, as it has received much more attention over the years. There are only 12 spots available, and interviews are already taking place. Interested students are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Matthews directly at for more information.

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