The campus shuttle helps transport students to and from the engineering building off-campus. (image credit: Jaelle Matthieu)

To many students on campus, the shuttle is a new fixture on campus and its purpose may not be fully known. The shuttle system was brought in as a measure to help accommodate transit to the engineering building off campus for the new students coming in from Daniel Webster College’s engineering program.  

This system has allowed these students to have an easier time getting to and from classes at the CETA building. It has several stops around the campus and an app that allows the shuttle to be tracked. 

The shuttle has five separate stops with an 8-12 minute rotation between two shuttles. It then runs from 7 a.m. to just before 9 a.m. When the shuttle traverses the campus, it stops at Windsor, Ossipee, lot three, lot 26, and CETA.  

The shuttle travels counterclockwise around the campus and consistently sticks to that route.   

There is also a shuttle app used to track the whereabouts of the shuttle throughout the day. While it’s occasionally not fully accurate all the time and still being affected by the occasional glitch, this is all due to it being a new app.   

On the question about the future of the shuttle and how it may expand in the to be of greater use to more students in later years, the Associate Dean of Student Success and the one in charge of the shuttle, Susan Elsass, gave a statement about the issue.  

“We haven’t really talked about what next year is going to look like for the shuttle,” said Elsass.  

However, the shuttle is part of a two-year contract and the shuttle services may possibly expand but nothing is finalized presently.  

In conclusion, the shuttle is considered a valuable asset for aiding students in getting around on campus, especially for the engineering students due to the distance of CETA from the rest of campus. 

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