Now that the semester is well underway, we would like to take this opportunity to remind the SNHU community that The Penmen Press offers many opportunities to have its voice heard, including through Letters to the Editor.

With constantly changing technology (and a still relatively new and centrally located office), The Penmen Press is becoming consistently more accessible to not only the immediate SNHU community, but those across the world. Evolving media is lending itself to a more community based approach, and in 2018, free speech and press are more important than ever. Therefore, we are hoping to best empower our community to tell us what you think.

In tandem with our organization’s Constitution, “The Penmen Press will accept all responsible articles and Letters to the Editor, and print them as space permits. All submissions and letters must be typed, double spaced, signed, and include contact information. All submissions and letters are subject to editing and must meet the standards of quality and values as set by the editorial board.”

Content we deem unacceptable in accordance with our Constitution include libel, excessive profanity, intolerance, hostility and self-promotion.

The role of The Penmen Press is to serve the university community and to dedicate ourselves to being a voice for and by the people. While we have always accepted Letters to the Editor, it has been an underutilized function of our newspaper, and it is our hope that we can encourage the SNHU community to speak out on the issues that affect and are important to them.

Letters to the Editor can be sent to us here at the Penmen Press at or  mailed to SNHU at 2500 N. River Road Hooksett, NH 03016, attn. Penmen Press, or dropped off directly to our office located in Student Center 113; come visit our awesome editorial staff during their brand new office hours.

We love having the opportunity to tell SNHU’s story, but we also hope to open the door for members of the SNHU community to write their own.

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