Tango-Lowy’s chocolate bar display. (image credit: NHPR)

Chocolate is undoubtedly among the most beloved foods among people of all ages. Many of us are accustomed to pedestrian forms of chocolate, such as candy bars and chocolate cake, but at Dancing Lion Chocolate, a little shop in downtown Manchester, the goal is to craft wildly inventive chocolates made from high quality ingredients.

Master Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy opened Dancing Lion in 2007. “I was originally a physicist, but I always loved chocolate,” said Tango-Lowy.

After graduating from Ecole Chocolat, a chocolate school in Vancouver, Canada, Tango-Lowy earned Master Chocolatier designations in Italy and France. He decided to bring his passion and expertise to Manchester, and his shop has gained an enthusiastic following.
Tango-Lowy sources the products he uses from small, mainly South and Central American companies. He uses these products to make beautiful, artisanal chocolates that are meant to be savored.

Tango-Lowy specializes in chocolate bars and bon bons that are available in a variety of different flavors and colors. Every item sold is made in the store and the offerings are constantly changing.

For those coming in for the first time, Tango-Lowy recommends trying his Mayan Drinking Chocolate, a spiced, frothy chocolate drink that was first enjoyed in Southern Mexico and Guatemala thousands of years ago. The “Lions Waltz” is a white chocolate version featuring maple and ginger. Dancing Lion also offers an assortment of baked goods, including cookies, “zen brownies,” and other treats. A different lunch special featuring chocolate is available each week.

The shop’s homemade croissants have gained a cult-like following. “I got back from France and I couldn’t find a croissant worth eating,” said Lowy. They are generally offered one weekend a month and are available in multiple flavors, such as chocolate and chocolate almond.
Classes focusing on chocolate making and croissant making are offered and no prior experience is needed.

The cozy shop has gained the attention of Dessert Professional Magazine, who named Tango-Lowy one of the top ten best chocolatiers in North America in 2016. The shop has also gained the attention of a few celebrities. “The lead singer of Styx (Lawrence Gowan) comes in every year to buy chocolate,” said Tango-Lowy.

The passion that Tango-Lowy has for his craft is evident when you walk into his shop. Every item sold is completely original and treated with care and precision. A trip to Dancing Lion is essential for any serious chocolate lover.

(image credit: NHPR)

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