The Penmen Press staff. (image credit: Penmen Press)

While finals and classes have been winding down during this last week of the semester, The Penmen Press has continued to kick it into high gear to best prepare for the upcoming spring term.

As with many organizations, the end of the semester presents a natural point to step back and reflect, as well as to set intentions for the new year.

This past fall began with the launch of our new website: An uphill battle that we did not entirely know how to conquer, we set off with high hopes… and relatively no idea what we were doing. Along the way, our strategies and goals evolved, and only four months later, we have surpassed the posting of 500 articles, have garnered almost 20,000 views on the site in total and have surprised even ourselves that we survived. It has changed the way we think about news, for the better, and we will continue to grow alongside

The semester following this launch has been a whirlwind of events, co-sponsorships, meetings and recruitment. Throughout the fall, we have worked with a wide array of clubs on events to bring the SNHU community together. In this, we have nearly doubled our staff and have welcomed over 20 new members. We have focused our energies on team building and retention, and are happy to say that The Penmen Press is stronger than ever.

But the Press never stops, as we have never been known to be complacent. This upcoming semester will bring many new initiatives and goals to continue taking The Penmen Press to new heights. With a dedication to innovation and growth, we are excited to be bringing nine new editors into the fray who have already begun planning and demonstrating their desire to be their best for the future of The Penmen Press.

We will continue finding new ways to tell stories, and we are in the process of redefining and recommitting to our core values. We would not be here without our amazing staff, wonderful faculty and leadership and you, our readers. Thank you for a semester like no other, and we can’t wait to continue writing SNHU’s story.

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