Rocky Horror cast getting pumped for the show on Tuesday. (image credit: Maddie Covino)

The cast and crew are ready to jump to the left and a step to the right into the world of Rocky Horror.

On Tuesday October 31 at 9 p.m., the Drama Club will be preforming a live screen play in Walker Auditorium, located in the Robert Frost building, of the infamous “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” This event is free and anybody is invited to attend.

When asked about how the production began, Reagan Murphy, senior and president of the Drama Club, said, “We got started planning the Rocky Horror Picture shadow cast right at the beginning of the school year by assigning someone to direct it and to get the film rights right away, and we will be pairing up with the Office of Diversity, Generation Equality and CAPE.”

The way they cast the roles for this play was very innovative as well. The Drama Club hosted a movie night where they all watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then a member of the club if inspired, would stand up and act along with the character from the show. Then, if they role felt right, they would be cast for that part within the performance.

This will be the second year in a row SNHU Drama has produced the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and they are ecstatic they have the opportunity to perform again this year.

At the show, audience members will be able to pick up grab bags that can be used during the duration of the show. Inside the grab bags will be random miscellaneous objects that can be tossed around the auditorium to draw the audience into an active role in the show.

SNHU Drama’s Rocky Horror Picture Show 2017 from Penmen Press on Vimeo.

Lisa Baldinelli (playing the role of Columbia) a first-year student at SNHU expressed that, “People can throw stuff at the screen: We are yelling lines, we are swearing, we are dancing and getting up and pulling people out of their seats, and it’s just a great time. If you are one of those people who want to watch a movie quietly, this is not going to be the place for you.”

With seating, there are many levels of participation. Audience members sitting in the fronts and ends of the rows, should be ready to be fully submerged into the Rocky Horror world. Attendees sitting in the middle of the rows will experience less direct interaction with the cast and crew. There will also be splash zone seating so audience members should be on the lookout or they may find themselves soaked with water.

Sophomore Zoey Matis (playing the role of a Unconventional Conventionalist), stated, “I think that this show is really good at bringing people together, [both] the cast and the students. It’s raunchy, it’s fun, and the plot really doesn’t make that much sense, but it is still fun to sing along, dance along and to shout at the screen.”

This production is like nothing that you have ever experienced before where audience participation is not only encouraged, but expected.

Make this Halloween more eventful by swinging by the Waller Auditorium in Robert Frost to get your Rocky Horror on! For more information follow the SNHU Drama club’s social media accounts at: Instagram – dramaclubsnhu and Facebook – SNHU Drama Club

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