Petunia the Pig coming to SNHU in fall of 2017. (Image credit: Jaime Mailloux)

This article is part of The Penmen Press’s annual April Fool’s edition. Even journalists need to have fun once in a while…

SNHU has seen many changes within the past year. From participating in the Teach Out program at Daniel Webster College, to the opening of the Gustafson Center, to the construction of new dorm buildings. These changes are so that the university can move forward from the Petey the Penman mascot meltdown. Each decision was carefully made with SNHU students in mind.

One change that caught many students by surprise was delivered by President Paul LeBlanc himself via Twitter. On April 1, LeBlanc tweeted “Big changes are coming to SNHU next semester. Out with Petey the Penman, in with Petunia the Pig.”

Cyndi Caplette, a junior at SNHU felt that this new change would be a positive one. “I believe getting a new mascot would be great! During games, they could bring in tiny pigs to march on the field. Also, instead of having the occasional puppy therapy, they could have pig therapy,” Caplette said. “It would be beneficial for so many students.”

Senior Patrick Slingo expressed concern about this change. “I have been a Penmen for four years now,” Slingo said. “When I graduate, I will still be a Penmen, and I intend on being a Penmen until I die.”

LeBlanc explained the change further in a memo. “When we had prospective students come to campus, they loved the buildings and the appeal of having a swimming pool.

When it came time for them to meet Petey, we never knew if he was going to behave or turn to his prank-pulling ways,” LeBlanc said.“

After meeting with some staff members, we decided that the best course of action would be to change our mascot to a pig. Everyone likes pigs, they’re cute. Petunia, is a female pig who isn’t aggressive or threatening, so all members of the SNHU community can feel safe.”

The Athletics Department will change from SNHU Penmen to the Penmen Pigs in the fall. The change of logos, brochures, websites and equipment will take place over the summer. There will also be a flag featuring Petunia on it flying on the flag pole beside the Dining Hall to show school pride.

The decision to change the mascot has been presented as final, and students are encouraged to embrace this moment of innovation and to live like Penmen while they still can.

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