On Saturday, September 18, Los Angeles comic Opeyemi “Opey” Olagbaju entertained a large group of SNHU students in the Last Chapter Pub.  

The show was sponsored by the Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE). A  fresh pasta bar was available so the audience could get dinner and a show.   

Matt Montiminy, Weekend Chair of CAPE, described seeing Opey for the first time, “We saw Opey at NACA [National Association of Campus Activities], and we thought he was great.” Opey has showcased at several festivals all across the country. He has a casual, highenergy  style that really appealed to the audience.  

Opey spoke about a variety of poignant topics, such as growing up in Nigeria, racism in the  United States, dating, social media and American politics. He poked fun at many of his own  personal experiences regarding these topics.  

Before the show began, audience members were asked to submit topics that they wanted to  hear about. Partway through his performance, Opey went through each topic and offered his  opinion about it, which added a welcome improvisational element to the show.   

At first, the pasta bar accompaniment to the show seemed rather odd, but there was a reason  for it. Opey ended his show with his signature message that he wanted the crowd to remember,  that everything is spaghetti.   

He mentioned that all food is spaghetti, all ideas are spaghetti and all people are spaghetti. “We all have the same marinara sauce running through our veins,” said Opey.  

The show was very well received by the audience. Gabe Reim was one of the many attendees.  

“It was awesome! He was really funny,” said Reim.   

It is clear that Opey loves making people laugh and he won’t stop anytime soon. “In the  madness of the world, I feel that with comedy, you have control. Anything can be funny,” said Opey.  

Opey put on an excellent performance. His hilarious, yet at times thought-provoking and  inspirational, material provided SNHU students with a unique way to spend a Saturday night. 

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