SNHU gets hit by major snowstorms every year, so to keep the lots so clear, people need to move their cars. What should be a very minor inconvenience has actually turned into a recurring nightmare for a lot of students.  

Even though we haven’t gotten any snow recently, here are some tips to avoid having your car towed and get alerts next time mother nature acts up.  

There are many who claim to not be receiving the SNHU alerts via text or email; they don’t know what lots are being plowed when, so they don’t move their cars. This ends with a horrifying realization that their cars have been towed.  

Personally I have had no issues with the text message alerts. They’ve brought me nothing but joy when telling me I get to sleep in and avoid the cold.  

Many students are not receiving these texts and emails, though. Having your car towed is a costly, time consuming, and stressful situation. If something leading to your car being towed was not entirely your fault, you best believe you’re going to fight it.  

“I went away for a weekend and I came back to find my car had been towed,” said Acacia McDowell, a junior SNHU student. “Not only did I not receive an email or text, but none of my friends did, either, so I had no way to know I had to move my car for plowing. If I had known, I could’ve asked one of my roommates to move it for me.”  

If you are not receiving SNHU alerts there are many other ways you can find out which lots are being plowed when.  

You can ask your friends or RA; hopefully, one of them has been notified. If all else fails, just look outside and see if there’s a lacking amount of cars in your lot.  

You can sign up for SNHU alerts on the university’s website. If you are having trouble receiving these alerts you may want to check online and sign up for them again. 

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