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The Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center at SNHU sponsored the film screening “Trapped” on Tuesday, Febru­ary 7. The documentary was shown at 7 p.m. in the Women’s Center.

Before the film screening, students were provided with various refreshments such as pizza, popcorn and soda to en­joy throughout the event. Along with the refreshments, students were encouraged to watch and reflect on the film.

The documentary “Trapped” focuses on the continuous battle between clinical workers and the national government. The film sheds light on the struggles fac­ing abortion clinics as new legis­lation laws are passed.

Some bills are intentionally designed to force existing clinics out of business with intensive regulations and impossible stan­dards. Clinics all over the United States are forced to shut down, referring to the restrictive legis­lation as a trap to ensure busi­ness closure.

Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws are passed not to ensure the safety of women, but to prevent them from seeing professional help.

As politics and medicine continue to remain at odds, women across the states are continuing to have abortions. The documentary stated that the bills will never eliminate abor­tions, but will instead eliminate the safety in which they are per­formed.

After the screening, a discus­sion was held to share thoughts and reactions towards the film. Many SNHU students contrib­uted to the conversation with their ideas on what can be done about the issue

First year student Jasmine McFarlin not only attended the event, but also works in the Women’s Center. “The film un­covered the conflicts of abortion and the legislatures laws that are passed to restrict it,” said Mc­Farlin. “It has become more of a debate of people’s rights rather than an issue of [health regula­tions].”

The discussion allowed stu­dents to express concern and voice their opinions. “Everyone has a voice no matter what side you take a stand on. This is a safe place to talk about these things even if they are so conflict pro­voking,” McFarlin said.

Whether Pro-Life or Pro- Choice, students at SNHU are encouraged to have a voice and be heard.

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