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The Southern New Hamp­shire University Career & Pro­fessional Development Center in the Gustafson Center has many great features and resources for students. One of these is the new interview rooms.

On-campus interviews are important for all SNHU stu­dents. These opportunities allow the student to interview with employers for internships and jobs right on campus.

By having a central loca­tion on campus, it is easier for the employer because they can interview many students in a day. At the same time, students do not have to drive to the em­ployer’s office, or even leave the campus.

There are 12 on-campus in­terviews scheduled in the new rooms for this semester so far. Even if students do not get the job or internship offer, these interviews serve as a chance to network with recruiters and fine-tune interview skills.

The new interview rooms provide a nice, quiet place to speak with employers. Students no longer have to worry about noisy roommates interrupting them or bad phone reception. In each room, there is a large monitor with a webcam that has Skype capability. This allows students to connect with em­ployers via Skype for Business or Google Hangout.

The interview rooms may also be used for mock inter­views. Students can record themselves using the webcam and play it back to see their per­formance. Seeing video is the best way to improve interview skills because the video clearly shows what needs to change to prepare and be ready for the real thing.

Some might ask, “What is the difference between these rooms and the library study rooms?”

The interview rooms are more for business-related and professional development use; the study rooms in the library are mostly used for group proj­ects and do not have webcams for Skype.

To book one of these rooms, students can email the Career & Professional Development Cen­ter at careerdevelopment@snhu.edu

Students can also call the Career & Professional Develop­ment Center (603) 645-9793.

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