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SNHU started its partner­ship with Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in 2012. Every academic year, around 50 SNHU students choose to study abroad in Florence.

There are 31 SNHU stu­dents studying abroad at FUA this semester and more than 21 students applied for the Fall se­mester 2017. “FUA is SNHU’s main partner,” said Stefano Parenti, the director of Study Abroad/Exchange programs at SNHU.

FUA campus is located in the center of Florence where students can find art exhibits, restaurants, shops, entertain­ments and much more within walking distances.

One of its most iconic sights is Duomo, a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome whose main engineer was an Italian architecture and paint­er, Giotto di Bondone. “It’s a gold city,” said Parenti.

Florence is home to many master pieces of Renaissance art and architecture. “I loved Florence! The architecture was amazing and every day I found a new building or cof­fee shop that was unique,” said Lauren Johnson who studied abroad in Florence in Spring Semester 2016.

Students have the options to either live in apartments or participate in the FUA Con­necting Culture Program, where families will “adopt” these students through the university’s “Family Club.” This program allows them to become fully engaged in the culture of their temporary homes.

“People were always wel­coming and cared to listen to my story of what I was doing in Florence,” said Johnson.

FAU also emphasizes expe­riential learning through cul­tural integration projects that connect classroom learning with the city and community itself.

FUA will be a good choice for students in Culinary Man­agement, Fashion Merchandis­ing Management, Hospitality, marketing and Sport Manage­ment degree programs. All of these programs, except Culi­nary Management are for De­gree in Three (Di3) students.

Both students and Office of Study Abroad encourage stu­dents to study abroad in order to experience different cul­tures, traditions and lifestyles. “I think that studying abroad should be on the top of every college student’s “to-do-list.” It is an incredible experience,” said Johnson.

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