The annual Board Game Jam challenges participants to build a board game in 24 hours, and occurred from Friday, Febru­ary 10 at 6 p.m. to the following evening. This event is geared not only towards game design ma­jors, but to all those who have a passion for gaming.

Hosted by members of the Game Design Cub and super­vised by game design profes­sor, Randall Case, five teams participated, creating a variety of games based on the theme “Sabotage.”

“A Board Game Jam is a great way to get people develop­ing games and designing them, without having the technical skills to make a video game,” se­nior James Cowin, the president of the Game Design Club said.

The jam encompasses any participant of any major who is willing to try their hand at creat­ing a game of their own. “The Board Game Jam allows those who aren’t familiar with video games to be able to hone in on things such as the mechanics of a video game and game dynam­ics while learning to create good board games, and then good video games,” Case said.

“Developing a game can be more complicated than some think,” junior Kevin Bettis, a student in the game design ma­jor, said while competing in the Game Board Jam. “It is a jour­ney, depending on the theme and the ideas.”

Bettis’ assessment was accu­rate, as the games created ranged from games of skill to games of improv.

Bettis’ teammate, junior Ali­cia LeBlanc, said, “We improve every time we do a Game Jam.”

The event’s 24 hour run time allowed for many students to try their hand at game design.

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