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Walking Dead fans flocked to The Last Chapter Pub on Sunday, February 12 for a spe­cial screening of season seven’s mid-season premiere.

The event saw an impressive turnout that proved the popu­larity of the show with SNHU students.

Student Involvement and SNHUmans vs. Zombies (SvZ) co-sponsored the event and provided students with free piz­za. If that wasn’t enough to get students to brave the cold out­side their dorm rooms, they also offered zombie-themed candy and gelatin made with brain-shaped molds.

Prior to the event SvZ hosted some festivities, helping students feel more “zombified” with undead face painting.

“We’ve never worked with SNHUman’s vs Zombies before and I thought this would be a perfect [event] to co-sponsor with them,” said Tom Balestrac­ci, Assistant Director in the Of­fice of Student Involvement. With the lights off and the Pub’s large projector screen lit up, it was almost like getting a movie theater experience with a televi­sion show.

The energy in the Pub was positive throughout the entirety of the event. The crowd audibly reacted at the revelations pre­sented, and when the exciting and unbelievable happened. Ev­eryone had their eyes glued to the screen.

Joey Cote, a SNHU student, said, “So far it’s going okay, they’ll probably cut to a scene of Carol and we all know how that goes.” His thoughts on the series overall were relatively positive. The episode itself had a balance of action, death, gore and build up.

“Sunday nights are hard to get students out of their dorms… I don’t see why we couldn’t do another one or oth­er [shows] that are happening like Game of Thrones. I know that’s a big one students love,” said Balestracci.

Balestracci expressed an in­terest in doing more events like this based on the night’s success.

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