The Learning Center partakes in its own group project during this time of year: Extended Walk-in Tutoring hours during finals week. The spirit of teamwork is what allows Walk-in Tutoring to run efficiently throughout the semester, yet it seems to be amplified the busier the sessions get. “Finals Walk-in Tutoring is all hands on deck, with more staffing than usual. They all work well as a team and do a great job,” said Math Tutoring Coordinator Kathy Willis.
If the Peer Educators are the standout crew members that help run a tight ship during Walk-in, then the discipline coordinators are the captains that keep the ship heading in a direction that will benefit students the most. For math, that means Kathy Willis works extra hard to prepare review packets for courses that have common final exams.
“We have common final review packets for MAT 050, MAT 106, MAT 130, MAT 140, and MAT 240. Students are able to practice and review all the content they’ve worked on since September and they can start working on these packets two weeks before finals.”
Business is another discipline that is regularly busy, as students routinely flock to Walk-in Tutoring to boost their confidence on accounting problems, complex economic concepts, and many other subjects. “We’re fortunate to have a diverse group of Business Peer Educators who can cover multiple subjects,” added Business Tutoring Coordinator Kristina Rieger. “Students can get assistance on a lot of the material they’re learning in class.” Writing Tutoring presents its own unique end-of-semester challenges, which usually involve students struggling to cite research correctly in the citation style format professors require.
“Our Writing Peer Educators are incredibly versatile and are like chameleons: they’re able to change their approach in different situations to guide students in the right direction,” said Writing Tutoring Coordinator Selina Marcille.

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