On Nov. 28, slam poet Ebony Stewart performed her poetry for a group of students in the Last Chapter Pub at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). This event was hosted by the Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (C.A.P.E) at SNHU as a part of Winter week.
Stewart is a nationally acclaimed spoken word artist who uses her poetry to discuss topics such as body image, self-esteem, and sexual health. She aims to inspire and empower her audience through her performances.
After performing her poetry, the event became interactive as Stewart answered questions the audience had about relationships, self-esteem, or any struggles that they have faced. Using her own life experiences to answer questions, Stewart encouraged the audience to focus on themselves and form positive and healthy relationships.
Shannon Conway, the signature events committee chair, helped coordinate this event.
“Stewart’s poetry does a really good job of inspiring others to live their dream and be purposeful,” said Conway.
Abby Mcnulty, a sophomore SNHU student, was present at the Last Chapter Pub to hear Stewart’s poetry. Mcnulty enjoyed that Stewart’s performance included participation from the audience.
“We didn’t just sit and listen the whole time. She asked all of us questions and got people talking,” Mcnulty said.
Mcnulty, along with the other students who attended the event, enjoyed the positive messages Stewart portrayed through her slam poetry.
“I like that she had a lot to say about positive relationships and how we should leave toxic people out of our lives,” Mcnulty said. “It is important to focus on ourselves before anyone else.”
Stewart’s poetry spread a message to everyone in the audience to respect themselves and everyone on campus.

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