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Set during the infamous first World War, also known as the Great War when it was ac­tually happening, “Battlefield 1” hopes to do the horror and sense of awe the time period gave justice. And it succeeds at doing just that.

“Battlefield 1” is the best game in the franchise to date, topping excellent entries like “Battlefield 3” and possibly surpassing “Battlefield 1942” and “Bad Company 2.”

It takes the player back to the past, throwing them into battle during one of the worst periods of human history.

Players take part in warfare in places such as France, Ger­many, England, and the Ara­bian Peninsula.

The game offers six separate campaign story modes, with six different characters having their own story and series of chapters to play through.

These serve to give the player different glimpses into the nations involved in the war, and present how terrify­ing the whole thing was.

But the real meat of the game lies in the multiplayer.

It’s the reason players buy the game in the first place. With six different game types to choose from, those being Rush, Conquest, Domination, Team Deathmatch, War Pi­geons, and Operations, “Bat­tlefield 1” offers players end­less hours of play with a variety of different modes.

Rush has the players attack­ing or defending two telegraph points, similar to “Demolition” and “Search and Destroy” from “Call of Duty.”

Conquest is the largest game mode, with 32 versus 32 players fighting to control multiple points across a large scale map. Domination does the same thing, but on a small­er scale.

Team Deathmatch is stan­dard fare, both teams try to kill each other until one team reaches 1000 points.

The two most interesting game modes are new to the franchise, the first being War Pigeons, which is similar to Capture the Flag.

Teams fight to capture pi­geons and write notes on them to send away from the battle­field.

Operations is a series of matches across one giant map, with one side struggling to keep their points from being captured, and the other side struggling to capture those points.

The offensive team has sev­eral chances to capture both sectors in each map, and they win if they manage to capture the very last sector on the very last map.

The defensive team wins if they manage to kill enough of the offensive team to stop their reinforcements.

“Battlefield 1” has some of the most solid multiplayer of any modern day first person shooter.

The single player is well crafted, but definitely not the main focus of the game.

For $60, players can pur­chase DICE’s newest instal­lation to its most popular franchise on any current gen­eration system of their choice.

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