A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in to visit my son. Failing to remember it was Columbus Day weekend and prime leaf peaking season, words could not describe the traffic situation on my Mass. to N.H. venture.

My short trip of a little less than two hours turned into an almost overnight stay on the highway. Cars stopped in their tracks, as others that patiently and respectfully idled on their way with the rest of the herd and paid homage to the State Police Gods. These knights of the multicolor light realm prepared to present these rogues of the road, a sacrifice of penance in the form of large denominations to be returned to the people for their wicked ways.

Upon finally making it to my destination at SNHU, I feared to get back on these roads most traveled and decided to hang out at SNHU with my son. That night I realized there was an 80’s tribute band, White Wedding, playing at the Last Chapter Pub. Since there was not much else going on, and this was group I could relate to, he invited me to go there for a while.

The band showed up a little late as they too, were caught up on the I-93 parking lot, the wait was well worth it. This band played some great classics from the 80’s as if one was listening to them on the original vinyl albums that some of us “80’s” people used to listen to.

The band also dressed the parts and sang to the greats like Bruce Springsteen, Pat Benatar, Joan Jet, Queen, Duran Duran, Journey and others. The lead guitarist cranked out some solos as if playing for an audience of thousands and sounded every bit the part. You could close your eyes and the tunes sounded like the actual bands.

Though it was a holiday weekend and the attendance was light, it was a stay well worth it. And the price was great also (free). We listened to the band and had some pub grub. For those that have never attended these events presented by the SNHU student activities clubs you are not taking full advantage of what has to be offered.

During the concert, it was great to watch many of the students either dancing on the side, rocking out in their chairs or just moving to the beats. I had a chance to speak to the band members. I got to know them some and appreciated what they did that night. Apparently, a great time for all that attended. Something others had missed out. The next time I’ll be in the SNHU area and there is an event going on, I’ll try to take advantage to attend one of these events with him again. For it is those times you remember the most.

Thanks to the Student Activities Clubs and CAPE for these events. Keep up the great work.

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