Career Expo is over and employers are looking to hire, which means on-campus interviewing has started: now is the time to sign up.

Signing up for on-campus interviews is simple. From the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Recruit account page, students can click on ‘Campus Interviews’ and select ‘Request Campus Interview’ to see the companies and their opportunities. An application is required in order to be considered for an interview. This application entails a resume and, often times, a cover letter. Once selected by an employer, interviews are then scheduled.

The Career Development Center is here to help students prepare for their interviews. Just call the office at 645-9793 to schedule a mock interview. Here are some tips to stand out from the rest during the interview process.

Dress Professionally

Students should wear professional outfits so the interviewers know that the interviewees are serious about attaining a position at their companies. Dress to impress.

Be Confident

It is wise to research the company and position before applying and interviewing. This sends a signal to the employers that they are speaking with someone who knows their company and wants to be on their team.

Be aware of non-verbal communication. Be attentive during the interview, smile, and project a positive image.

Use The Resume

Don’t just assume that the interviewer will know what it means to have great communication skills or to work well with people. Explain the resume with stories from past experiences with previous jobs, projects, activities, etc.

Ask Questions

Always have planned questions ready for the interviewers. The interviewers want to talk about the job and their company. Ask good questions to stay as informed as possible about the company and the position. Ask openended questions to gain more information, e.g. “What do you like about working at the company?” instead of, “Do you like working at the company?”

Thank you Notes

Send a thank you note to the recruiters for taking time out of their day to come and meet. This should be sent by the next day at the latest. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors in the letter and that it is well-written. Good luck!

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