Construction hovers just above campus. (image credit: Jason Sederquist)

Following President Paul LeBlanc’s Oct. 8 tweet announcing $60 million in new construction projects on campus, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Community may see further expansion during their time at the university. The Board of SNHU Trustees approved the building of an Engineering and Technology building as well as a new residence hall.

These projects will expand the physical landscape of the campus, and the expansion of the student population may be a factor as well. With the bolstered population from Daniel Webster College and the addition of their programs, there could be a new wave of undergraduate interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields offered at SNHU.

These new construction projects come on the heels of many others.

In the heart of campus, The Gustafson Center is taking shape as the new campus welcome center, housing admissions and other offices.

The old Shapiro Library has almost completed renovations, becoming The Green Center, an area for student clubs and organizations to have office space. The moves occurring across campus for these clubs, organizations, and offices presents opportunities for better marketing and interaction with the campus community.

The steel frame for the new apartment building rose a couple weeks ago, behind the newly renamed Edward S. Wolak Library Learning Commons. The conscious planning for this new residence space to be inclusive and accessible is a turn in the right direction for upperclassmen living.

The creation of Victory Lane has expanded the SNHU campus, and the construction of buildings is already underway. A new athletic center is one impending project on Victory Lane.

Locations for the just announced Engineering and Technology Building and dorm have not been released. This attention to the new student population is thoughtful and represents the dedication to creating a welcoming community for these new students.

Campus construction does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and is creating an exciting and anticipatory atmosphere of change and innovation.

These plans for new buildings create a unique space to discuss the future of SNHU. While decisions and innovation are constantly underway, it is our hope that they will occur with the best interests of both current and future SNHU populations at heart.

The changing environment should aim to include the voices of those whose entire university lives take place on this campus, while collaborating with all those invested in SNHU’s future.

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