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College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so why not make it even better and travel internation­ally for a semester (or two)? Coming from a student who has studied abroad twice with SNHU, I could give you tons of reasons why to go abroad, but I’ve minimized my list and will provide you with my top five reasons to study in Viña del Mar, Chile.

  1. The cost of tuition stays exactly the same. Along with that, SNHU covers up to $1,000 for your round trip flight as well as the full cost of travel health insurance. Most schools don’t offer this great perk, which is why you should take advantage of it!
  2. You get to live with a Chilean family in a home stay. You’ll get your own single and bathroom for $3,200 instead of paying $5,000 for a single on campus at SNHU. In addi­tion, you will receive break­fast, lunch, and dinner every day which is included in the housing cost.
  3. Since you’ll be living with a Chilean family, you get to fully experience Chile’s cul­ture and language. Coming to Chile, I wanted to pick up on my Spanish after taking it in high school. After being here for a few weeks, I’ve started to remember a lot but I still have so much to learn!
  4. You will be attending the Universidad de Viña del Mar which offers classes in Business, Liberal Arts, and Spanish introductory cours­es. These classes will directly transfer over to your SNHU transcript while you work to­wards your degree. Another perk about this school is that you will have the opportunity to meet Chilean students and others from around the world! 5.People may think traveling in Chile or South America is harder than Europe. In fact, traveling through Chile is quite easy and pretty cheap! There are plenty of buses, tax­is, flights, and more to choose from depending on where you plan on going. A lot of stu­dents don’t consider going to South America as their first choice to study abroad. How­ever, Chile is a well-developed modern country that has so much to offer from big cities to small villages, various cli­mates, beautiful scenery, and more!

When will you ever have this amazing opportunity to go abroad as a student? Step out of your comfort zone and choose Viña del Mar, Chile!

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