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Gabe’s Jam Sesh: Haywyre “Two Fold Pt. 1”

One of my favorite artists is someone who makes me feel like I’m going nowhere. Haywyre (real name Martin Vogt), born in Minnesota, then raised and trained in Austria before returning to the United States at age 17, is a 22-year-old electronic music producer that was classically trained on the piano. Beginning in 2009, Vogt dubbed himself Haywyre and began profes­sionally producing electronic music
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Gabe’s Jam Sesh: Madeon’s “Adventure”

“Adventure” is an album I only discovered a few months ago, but was released on March 30, 2015 under the label Colum­bia Records. While I only discovered it during the fall of 2015, “Adven­ture” left a big impression on me. I had been following Madeon, a 21 year old French electronic music producer, for a while, lis­tening to his independently re­leased singles and watching

Tall Heights Takes on SNHU

On Thursday, Dec 3, the band Tall Heights performed in Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) Last Chapter Pub at 9 p.m. This is just one stop for the three-man band’s tour. The bandmates are all from the Boston and have been performing as a trio for the past six months. Before that, the band was a guitar-cello duo. The guitarist, Tim Harrington, and cellist,

The Christmas Carol Creeps

It begins anew every year at Thanksgiving. The second we cut the turkey it can be heard creeping over the horizon. It slithers through the radio, it assaults our ears at the store, and even follows us into the bathroom. I am speaking, of course, about Christmas music. Before the first day of December, Christmas music arrives once again to overstay its welcome. It’s