Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) students held a concert in the Last Chapter Pub on Nov.19 where they sang songs of their own choosing to show off their singing talent.

The “Voices of SNHU” concert was hosted by members of SNHU’s Voice Studio where students in the MUS-250 course were given the opportunity to show off their singing which they have worked on all semester. There were 17 performances done by 16 students with one duet between a student and the class’s professor Lindsay Rinaldi.

Freshman attendee Emily MacDonald stated, “All the performers did a great job of bringing out their personalities on stage. Some were more confident than others, but everyone, in some way, made the song they were singing their own.”

The concert began at 5 p.m. and quickly filled the Pub to its capacity.

Performer Jesse Wyman, a SNHU student in her third year who sung the song “Been a Long Day” commented that “the concert was terrifying but also thrilling; it was my first solo performance, so I was very anxious.But it was so much fun, and I cannot wait to be a part of it next semester.”

The class that hosted the event is MUS-250. It is a private voice lessons course that is open for all students each semester. Taking the course does not require students to sing in the concert, however. Participation is up to each individual student.

Nicole Jolicoeur, another third year student stated “The class challenges me and helps me learn new things about singing that I didn’t know.” After singing “Strawberry Wine” in the concert, she concluded, “[The class] pushes me to be better.”

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