Logan McCarthy on keys and Richie Oliver on guitar. (image credit: SNHU)

M as in Mancy and Logan and Richie rocked the Pub, and they certainly had a whole new attitude and a brand new sound to match.

Richie and Logan performed first, setting up for their set with a natural chemistry and charisma that brought the entire audience into their little world with jokes and a friendly atmosphere.

When their set was ready to go, they hit it out of the park with Richie Oliver on the guitar and the ukulele and Logan McCarthy taking on the piano while they belted the lyrics together.

The audience couldn’t help but be captivated by their on-stage presence. Freshman Cyan Barker shared her enjoyment, stating, “Logan’s the best, everyone loves him. And his set with Richie was so awesome!”

The performance was described as many things. “Awesome”, “Crazy”, and “Fun” were words used in abundance by the audience. More creative was the description of the performance as “if Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix had a baby, [that kid] would play like Richie.”

Next up, was the new and improved SNHU Rock Band, now named M as in Mancy. The band now includes Ryan Beretta on bass, Juan Gomez and Cenker Inanoglu on guitar, Jameson MacNeill on Drums, and Matt Sandstrom on vocals.

Their set was very diverse, playing songs by Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, and Muse.

This performance got straight to the music when they got on stage. Their enthusiasm was noticeable, notable, and appreciated by the audience who got into the groove right along with them. The audience was seen videotaping, taking pictures, and cheering along, even singing too, if they knew the song.

Logan McCarthy, half of the Logan and Richie tag team stated, “M as in Mancy did a fantastic job! Richie and I were very excited and honored to have opened for them!”

M as in Mancy and Logan and Richie showed their stuf and entertained the audience in a way that brought all of them together through their music. Their performance proved that Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has new talent brimming and surfacing all the time.

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