(image credit: Disney)

With the mega success of “Frozen” and the surprise hit “Big Hero 6” (not to mention “Inside Out” by Pixar), many eyes were set on “Zootopia” with many people believing it could not hold up to past few films released by the compa­ny. Well, I’m glad to say that “Zootopia” lives up to the past films released by Disney.

“Zootopia” is filled to the brim with creativity. Its set­ting is that humans never ex­isted so the planet is inhabited by animals as if they evolved in a world without us. This leads to a lot of creative visuals and ideas. The city of Zootopia in the film is one of the most cre­ative things I have seen in ani­mation; from the foreground to the background, there are interesting ideas everywhere.

The characters are also well written. With Ginnifer Goodwin as a police officer rabbit and Jason Bateman as a con-artist fox, they work well off of one another and are the heart of the movie. While we may have seen these charac­ters before, the setting and way they are acted make them just as enjoyable as the first time I saw these character arche­types.

If there are any real issues with “Zootopia,” it is the pre­dictability of the film. While it is a good mystery and moral for children, chances are most teens and adults will figure out each twist before the movie tells you. It’s a story of racism and prejudice, but that doesn’t mean the film is any less en­joyable; it is done so well and differently than the norm that it doesn’t matter, and you find yourself enjoying the movie regardless

So, while it may be pre­dictable, “Zootopia” is funny, heartfelt, and beautiful, and I suggest it to anyone who thinks they may enjoy the film even a little; you won’t be disappoint­ed. I enjoyed it even more than “Frozen,” and if Disney keeps this up then there is a good chance that there is another Disney Renaissance not far in the future.

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