Mask Mandate To Be Lifted

SNHU President Paul LeBlanc sent out a school-wide email on October 21 stating that the mask mandate will be lifted starting November 1. Vaccinated staff and students will have the option to go without a mask while those who are unvaccinated will still be required to mask up. The decision to pull back on mask requirements was based on the vaccination status of the

“Home Sweet Homecoming” to Proceed Virtually for Fall Semester

Homecoming season is around the corner for SNHU and students are gearing up for the festivities. However, it has been announced that Homecoming will move forward virtually for the 2021 fall semester. “For the safety of our entire community, Homecoming will be virtual this year,” said Associate Director of Student Involvement Colleen Lubin. “The University has put our current COVID-19 policies in place to
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How to SNHU: The Last Chapter Pub

As SNHU prepares to reopen for the fall semester, students are eager to reunite with their peers and get involved after a year of remote learning. Part of the college scene is having a place to hang out. The Last Chapter Pub (The Pub) located in the Student Center is one of the hotspots on campus. Events featured include and but are not limited to

SNHU Reacts to Shortened Winter Break

SNHU came to the decision to shorten the traditional three-week winter break down to two for the 2021-2022 school year. The break will begin on December 21 and end on January 3, which is when classes resume for the 2022 spring semester. "The change was a result of aligning the term start dates across the University for all 8-week and 16-week courses, both campus

SNHU Announces Virtual Commencement for Classes of 2020 and 2021

SNHU has announced that the Commencement ceremonies for the classes of 2020 and 2021 have been scheduled to take place virtually Saturday, May 8. Joining the ranks of universities like Saint Anselm’s College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SNHU has decided to err on the side of caution and postpone in-person Commencement ceremonies. In an email sent out to both graduating classes, the SNHU

Guided Tours Return to Campus

Tours on campus have begun to return after a mandatory shutdown due to the ongoing pandemic. As SNHU continues to plan for the fall semester, protocols during tours have been modified to better suit the current world condition. Prior to COVID, tours were offered two times a day throughout the week along with select weekends. One-on-one meetings with admission counselors were offered to prospective

How The Reduction In Tuition Will Affect Students

Changes to SNHU's tuition are being put into effect beginning in the fall 2021 semester. As stated in an email from President Paul LeBlanc in December, it informs students of new cost plans, as well as an introduction to a new program being offered. Meanwhile the cut in costs have brought up many questions regarding eligibility for scholarships.  This new structure was originally planned

Blackout Week Returns To SNHU – What Students Need To Know

During the previous fall semester, staff and students alike were given the opportunity to utilize a week off from scheduled classes. This was known as a Blackout Week but is now being called a Catch-Up Week. The upcoming Catch-Up Week will take place during the week of February 22. Just like last semester, it will not be mandated for professors. This time off will

Student Resident On Campus Tested Positive For COVID-19

A student in the Monadnock building on campus recently tested positive for the Coronavirus. They have been required to isolate in their dorm and be put under medical monitoring. After the recent positive test, a new plan of action for requirements on campus have been spurred into action.  Before coming to campus, students are required to take the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, a

Course Scheduling Conflicts Among Students

Every student starts out the school year with a set schedule, commonly consisting of five classes. When students register for their courses during the previous semester, they have the ability to choose whichever schedule works best for them. However, with the transition to remote learning, some professors have been tweaking their courses, affecting synchronous class meet times.  “As you know, in this remote semester