School of International Education to Break Barriers

The global mission of SNHU is continuing with a new school opening next year. The School of International Education was announced by Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Evans and UC President Patty Lynott in an email sent to staff over the winter break. This move will seek to consolidate many aspects of international students' college experience, alongside language classes and the Study Abroad

Responsible Penmen Policy Offers Support to SNHU Students

Executive Director of Community Standards Jay Tifone sent an email to all SNHU students on February 21 regarding the new Responsible Penmen Policy. The policy went into effect at the beginning of the semester and encourages students and student organizations to seek immediate medical attention for themselves or others in alcohol and drug-related emergencies without fear of a change to their conduct standing (e.g.,

Dr. Diana Polley Wins Warren Brooks Award

Students are often showcased for their great achievements and milestones, but sometimes there is a faculty member who should be recognized for their successful endeavors. Dr. Diana Polley recently won the Western Kentucky University’s (WKU) Warren Brooks Award for her book "Echoes of Emerson: Rethinking Realism in Twain, James, Wharton, and Cather." Named after Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brooks, this award is representative

Office of Residence Life Prepares for Largest RA Applicant Pool Ever

RA Applications were released this past November, and the Office of Residence Life is expecting its most competitive pool ever. Applications consist of four short answer questions and require a reference. They are open until January 15 and all current students are qualified to apply for the 2019-2020 school year. At a panel in Tuckerman Hall, three Resident Assistants (RAs) and the Residence Director

Aly Raisman Opens up About Feminism and Being a Role Model

Aly Raisman is the epitome of the word “fierce.” Raisman is a six-time Olympic medalist, three of which are gold. She competed in two Olympic Games, winning the team gold awards both times. Raisman is also a sexual abuse survivor. Raisman appeared at SNHU on November 27 to discuss her gymnastics career, her views on feminism and her experience opening up during the Larry

SNHU Exceeds Expectations During Re-Accreditation

During the fall semester of 2018, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) had a basic re-accreditation done. Peterson’s Company tells us that, “Schools request to be evaluated and/or have their programs evaluated by an independent accrediting agency. The agency sets its own standards that the school must meet in order to earn their accreditation, and since accrediting agencies vary in their quality standards, some are
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Cheat Codes Exceeds Expectations

Friday nights are usually busy nights on campus with students making their way to their respective weekend plans. On Friday, October 19, the SNHU community came together to enjoy this year’s major concert put on by CAPE featuring Cheat Codes with SNHU alumna DJ Halestorm as the opener. The Fieldhouse in the Athletic Complex was bustling with energy as attendees danced to the hype

Men’s Tennis Shows Exemplary Play at ITA’s

The Men’s Tennis Team put forth an amazing performance at the ITA East Regional Championships during the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York last month. Graduate Student Tiago Fernandes made it to the singles finals in a historic run and brothers Willem (’20) and Bas Van Biezen (’20) made it to the doubles finals match. Both matches were losses, however