Veteran Spotlight: Who is Derrick Loughlin?

Derrick Loughlin, President of Student Veterans of America, is just one example of how dedicated veterans can be. He sacrificed five years of his life to the Marine Corps as a radio technician and then dedicated himself to Southern New Hampshire University to become a state police officer. Loughlin is an excellent personification of selfless service. When Loughlin was in high school, a lot

Welcome Sodexo’s New Vegan and Gluten-Free Options

Veganism has risen by 600% in the last three years according to the Food Revolution Network. Not only has veganism been on the rise, but so has the gluten-free diet. Studies show that over one hundred million consumers follow the gluten-free diet, with the majority of them not being celiacs (Richardson, 2018). With these surprising statistics, it is no wonder that Daniel VanAvery, general

Enlightenment: A Move Toward Inclusion

With less than two weeks until SNHU’s first ever Enlightenment event, SNHU student Kafisa Ibrahim ('19) could not be more excited. Ibrahim is the coordinator of the event and was inspired after watching a video on Facebook last year of a family disrespecting Muslim mosques. Ibrahim was outraged and wanted to make a change. With the support and guidance from University Campus President Patricia

Fad Diets Aren’t Worth It

I’m sure you have heard of at least a few fad diets. The juice cleanse, five-bite diet, no carb diet and intermittent fasting are just a few examples of unsteady fad diets. Many people only look at the top layer and don’t dive into the research before following what these “diet experts” are saying. Sure, many of these diets will help you lose weight