I am sure you are probably thinking, “Oh here is another person complaining about parking,” but I swear, this is different! As a commuter, I think we have ample parking. I have never struggled to find a spot in the year and a half that I have been at SNHU. The only thing I can complain about is parking at the Hospitality Center.

Most of the commuters lots are out of the way, like behind the library and down at Webster Hall. So, it is quite a hike if you have classes up the hill from Webster.

The parking lot behind Hospitality is now designated as a commuter parking lot, so it eases the pain of walking up a steep hill just a little bit. The only problem? If you drive around the lot, you will see a lot of vehicles that do not have the “C” decal on their windshield. In fact, many of them are resident students who decide to drive to Hospitality and park both behind and in front of the building. It is very rare that a space is open during normal school hours, and it is quite frustrating that these spots are being filled by vehicles with different decals.

While the quantity of parking is not much of an issue, it seems as though all of the ample parking for both residents and commuters is far away from the main cluster of buildings. This specific parking issue stems from everyone feeling as though they have no where to park, so they take any available space.

If SNHU stepped up parking for resident students, then commuter and visitor parking would free up as well. Many people aren’t even finding parking spots. Instead they park alongside the grass on the edge of the Hospitality parking lot. Not only is this a safety issue, but it makes it harder for those parked in the spots to back out. If more parking were to open up, this would help mitigate the parking disaster around the Hospitality.

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