Inter-Greek Council (image courtesy: SNHU Involvement)

The fall 2021 semester is in full swing, and with it come new challenges for students. Not only must the first years adjust to campus life, but so too must the sophomores, juniors and seniors after a year of remote learning. While some never got to be on campus, the rest haven’t been on campus in over a year. The return is exciting, however, combating boredom is an important challenge to address.

Upon returning to campus, there will be many activities for students to participate in. With all of the following suggestions, bear in mind that they may be subject to change with the Covid restrictions that have been placed.

One of the easiest ways to avoid boredom on campus is to join a club. SNHU has over 75 clubs and organizations to get involved in. The involvement fair will have many of these clubs set up to look at and talk to representatives. It will be taking place on Wednesday, September 8 at 12 pm, according to the SNHU calendar.

Joining a club can be an easy way to meet new people, entertain oneself and even bolster a resume. Organizations often have weekly meetings, which can help fill out a schedule and prevent too much downtime.

A good place to find out what’s happening on campus is in the SNHU events calendar, which is accessible on the mySNHU homepage in the top right-hand column. The calendar provides information on events that are happening on campus, including the event’s date, time and location. Students can even sync it up to their Google or Outlook calendar.

One of the most popular activities is Bingo which is held on Wednesday nights. It is a great way to hang out with people and have some fun. Once a month Big Money Bingo is held where prizes offered often include TVs, air pods and gift cards.

Students can also look at the calendar to check the schedule of the many campus sports teams. From soccer at Penmen Stadium to field hockey at Larkin Field, and hockey down at the Ice Den Arena, there is a sport for everyone to watch and enjoy.

In addition, students can hang out in popular places to get to know people. The Last Chapter Pub (the Pub) is a great example of this. Located in the Student Center, the Pub is a place to relax and be entertained. Their Facebook page description states, “We host comedians and musicians also so if you love a good laugh then the pub is your hub! And one of the best parts is you don’t have to drive anywhere! It’s a five minute walk from most places on campus.”

Besides the Pub, the library is a great place to get homework done or to grab a book to read. If students have some downtime, another spot to interact with people is in the common areas, which are located in every housing building on campus. It is a great place for students to meet new people in their building.

For students with a car, off-campus locations like Ben and Jerry’s on Elm Street is a popular spot to go to after a hard day’s work.

Whether a new student or a returning one, there are many activities to get oneself involved in on campus to combat any boredom or isolation.