Image courtesy of SNHU Involvement

SNHU is hosting its annual Homecoming events from October 13 through October 15. Homecoming is a great way for the SNHU community and their families to come together and make special memories on campus. The theme this year is “Mountains of Memories,” which follows nature and outdoor fun.

SNHU’s tradition of hosting a homecoming every fall has been going on for generations. “[Homecoming] celebrates our rich history and embraces what’s next for SNHU,” said SNHU’s Homecoming page.

SNHU cheer captain, Kelsey Bates (‘24), loves attending homecoming every year.

“Homecoming was a great weekend last year! Especially after COVID, it was such a nice sight to be able to see everyone come together after being apart for so long,” said Bates.

The event welcomes current students, both on-campus and online, as well as alumni to celebrate SNHU for the weekend.

“It’s really great being able to see both present SNHU students and alumni coming to see the school and all the wonderful things SNHU has done,” said Bates.

SNHU alumni Jacob Burton (’23) has fond memories of Homecoming over the years.

“I really enjoy the nighttime activities like the fireworks and the s’mores roasting because by then my parents have headed back home and I can go around talking to a lot of different people,” said Burton.

After graduating, Burton is excited to reminisce on his time at SNHU, as well as to check out what’s new.

“As an alumni, coming back for Homecoming is going to be really cool to see what has changed during the time I have been away from campus and still get that feeling of SNHU’s community even though I have already graduated. Along with my friends on campus, it is also going to be fun to see all of the staff and faculty I became friends with throughout my time here,”  said Burton.

There are a ton of fun events people can participate in when attending homecoming. The three main events are the virtual 5k and the fun run/walk on campus, SNHU’s famous street fair, and Big Money Bingo.

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