Number 20, Senior on the women’s lacrosse team, Sydney Todd. (Image Courtesy: SNHU athletics)

With commencement taking place the weekend of April 29, graduating student-athletes are preparing to leave SNHU athletics behind them.

A catcher on the baseball team, Alex George (’23) spoke on why he chose SNHU and the impact that the baseball team has had on him since the recruitment process in high school.

“I wanted to play college baseball for a team that had a strong history of winning and a team with the potential to win a national championship,” said George. “When I first came up to SNHU for my visit with Coach Loiseau, he told me how one of his goals is to win a national championship with a team consisting [mostly of] players from the Northeast. This meant a lot to me being a kid from Hollis, New Hampshire.”

While many athletes find it fun to play sports, it’s a commitment that requires time and effort every week. George spoke on the difficulties of being a student-athlete.

“Playing a college sport isn’t the easiest task in the world….I learned how time management and staying organized is the most important thing you can do to see success in the classroom,” said George.

Outside of playing on a field or a court, sports offer camaraderie and a sense of togetherness. George spoke on what being part of the baseball team has given him.

“SNHU baseball is a big family. It is awesome to have a group of guys who are, as individuals, all very different, but [have] the same goal….It is a great feeling to know I have forty-five lifelong friends who will always have my back,” said George.

Sydney Todd (’23) of the women’s lacrosse team is also graduating. She reflected on her time on an athletic team at SNHU.

“I chose SNHU because of the great team environment and the highly competitive NE10 conference. Many of the teams we play are nationally ranked and give us great competition throughout the whole season, which I love,” said Todd.

With her lacrosse career coming to an end, she spoke about what life may look like when she is no longer on the field, nor in the classroom.

“Being a part of a college sports team has meant a lot to me. I have been involved with sports for my whole life….It has been a great outlet for me, and I am definitely going to be lost without it once it’s over,” said Todd.

She went on to speak about relationships she formed through athletics, and what she learned from being around fellow athletes.

“My teammates have become my best friends throughout the past four years….I have definitely learned that it’s okay to mess up and make mistakes in a sport because your teammates will always be there to make up for them,” said Todd.