The SNHU men’s tennis season is underway. The team goes to Adelphi on Saturday, March 25, looking to expand upon their 5-4 record. This will be the Penmen’s first NE-10 matchup of the season.

Men’s tennis captain, Cade Nadeau (’25), talked about his team and how they feel about this year’s season. 

“We did feel really good last year and have a lot of the same guys this year, so we are definitely feeling good. [We have] been putting in a lot of work in the gym and on the court, so [we are] excited for the conference matches to start,” said Nadeau.

He then spoke about how last year went and how it compares to this year thus far.  

“We had a great season last year. We were the finalist[s] in the NE10 and were able to scratch and claw our way to nationals last year,” said Nadeau. We were able to make it to the Sweet 16 and lost in the conference last year against Le Moyne.” 

Nadeau talked about their losses so far and what they could work on to move forward this season as successfully as possible.

“[We] had a couple [of] losses, one or two that maybe we didn’t really want to have but they are not going to make or break us. I feel like we will be totally fine for the ones that matter,” said Nadeau.

Regardless of the record, Nadeau is glad to be with his team. He discussed the thrill he gets from competing with his teammates.

“[I’m] just really excited to play alongside of the boys. We have a great group and we are all working hard, so I really feel that is the most exciting part for me,” said Nadeau.

When asked about the rest of the season, he acknowledged how the team’s work ethic will translate on the court throughout the remainder of the season.

“[I’m] really proud of the work we have put in so far,” said Nadeau. “I still think there’s a little bit more to do and for us to put it over the line and be able to get the ring which we all want.”

He stated that the job is not done and that there is plenty of time left to continue moving forward.

“I think we need to grind a little bit more, but are heading in the right direction and I’m just excited for the boys,” said Nadeau.