The Humanities Lab located in Robert Frost Hall. (Image courtesy: Adam Dufault)

SNHU will be holding its second annual Humanities Festival on April 12 from 2-4pm on the Green Space. At the event, students will be provided food, games, and the chance to win prizes. Activities include the poetry slam, ethics games, art making, chess tournaments, and more.

Fine Arts Intern, Samuel Befumo (‘24), discussed the benefits of attending the Humanities Festival.

“Last year, [the Humanities Festival] was the first big community event that brought the campus together since Covid. The Festival showcases the humanities programs on campus and allows for students to experience the humanities in a fun and educational way,” said Befumo.

He also spoke on what students can gain by attending the festival and by getting involved with it.

“There are many student-run activities that will be running during the Humanities Festival, including a student design team that is making the banner and posters for the Festival. There is involvement from campus clubs such as Creative Writing Club, Radio SNHU, Gaming Club, and Chess Club,” said Befumo.

SNHU showcases the variety of the history of arts and humanities. Befumo spoke on how learning about these topics may allow students to expand their interests.

“Students can broaden their horizon and learn new interests. There are many activities that students can do to find out more about themselves and find something that they may not have realized interested them before. They can also gain knowledge with History Trivia, a Spelling Bee, and an International Language Booth,” said Befumo.

He concluded with his final thoughts on what this event really does for the student body.

“The Humanities Festival will bring the greater SNHU community together. It is a fun event with plenty of interesting activities that focuses on student involvement and student engagement,” said Befumo.